Sales & Leasebacks

Walter Taylor specialises in sale and leasebacks for business critical assets, allowing our tenant partners to gain immediate access to capital to reinvest into core business operations and recapitalise balance sheet through the realisation of 100% of the market value of an otherwise illiquid asset.

The Walter Taylor specialist sale and leaseback model provides our tenant partners the opportunity to retain complete operational control of their facility whilst gaining a long term partner with the capital to fund future expansions, purpose built facilities, renovations and the expertise and real estate focus to drive projects such as renewable energy projects. Our tenants gain the flexibility to operate their core business without the restrictions of the real estate.

Walter Taylor and its management team are uniquely positioned with decades of operational business experience to intimately understand our tenants businesses, challenges and opportunities whilst removing the restrictions and capital intensive nature of real estate. This specialisation allows our tenant partners to access an alternate capital solution and reinvest the realised cash into their core business operations, R&D and growth objectives, whilst retaining full operational control.